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All About Home Theatres in 1 Roof “Perfect video & sound, forever”

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Welcome to The Audio Gallery

One-stop destination for world class home theatre and high end audio solutions, located in the heart of Coimbatore. We are the authorized representatives for Onkyo, Mitsun, Jamo.

New Arrivals
Sound Bar Q Acoustics Q-TV2

Sound Bar Q Acoustics Q-TV2

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HT-S3500 5.1

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Wireless Home Theatre 5.1 Speakers

Violet Wireless 5.1 Home theatre Speakers

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Setup an ultimate Home theater with Audio Gallery Coimbatore. Home theaters are becoming as common place as microwaves and refrigerators in our homes. The Audio Gallery Coimbatore will help you installing home theatres into your home !

Why us ?

Audio Gallery firmly believe in doing things right, there are many ways to design an Home Theatre system, but there will be only one solution that is correct and perfect for your requirement. This means understanding what you want to achieve and recommending the appropriate package within your budget. We have no allegiance to any manufacturer and are completely independent in our specification of products. We want to offer the complete service to you, not just shift boxes.

Audio Gallery will only recommend systems we know will deliver, this means our package may not always be the cheapest but they will be value for money as it will meet your requirements and work reliably for years to come and be serviced properly. Our experience tells us what products work together and what doesn’t, how to put them together and how to control them in a smart and easy way. We always extensively test the systems at our offices before they are installed in your home.